In either case, what is providing the ODBC receiving connectivity on the server? I have tried but still could not find any help. So the all the Mac Server sees is 4D Open requests. This is the software that manages the drivers. In reply to this post by Douglas von Roeder On Sep 12, , at 6: Could you perhaps be more specific?

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Net but it’s just to risky, so i just Give up.

Can someone give me some feedback on how to get 4D’s log in command to work? So the all the Mac Server sees is 4D Open requests. This may be different in Mac OS Hi Josh, I do not think this is true any longer. Take advantage of 20004 than 70 new cutting-edge features with 4D v17 to accelerate business applications development, and improve their UX.

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James 1 7. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Email Required, but never shown. I believe it is based on 4D Open but don’t quote me on that.


4d 2004 odbc driver

The platform of the server does pdbc matter. Such a framework can be acquired, for example, from Openlink http: There are quite a few drivers… http: What is the replacement software or configuration?

So the short answer is it is built in. Decision Maker Your priority is to ensure the growth of your business.


Odnc you are referring the to “Allow 4D Open Connections” check box in the Preferences then yes, you need to make sure that is turned on. I’m not sure how you get the framework now but if I remember correctly it was included in the driver downloads in the past.

OK, I won’t but hopefully someone at 4D does know this. The 4D Open plug-in does not “enable” anything in 4D Server. On Sep 12,at 6: Thanks for responding Josh. With 4D, you can odhc customized solutions or opt for turnkey solutions designed by our partners.

Hopefully it will be possible in v11 or v Hi Douglas, Douglas von Roeder wrote: Douglas von Roeder wrote: In reply to this post by Douglas von Roeder On Sep 12,at 6: The platform of the client is key in ODBC since the driver is installed on the client machine, not the server machine.


Skip to main content. Thank you for clarifying. Why is the original framework which is shipped with the OS not supported?

Connect to MySQL database from 4Dv12 or later version? – Stack Overflow

So if you can get Filemaker to use any of these layers then you can Connect to 4D Server. But if you are looking for Direct Query, I don’t know about the latest version of 4D, but as for 4Dv12 that would be bloody if you tried to build your own, since the simplest way is to do it is via ODBC.

What if the server is running on a Mac? Well, I’m doing testing here in our environment and I found some differences to some of the things I read you as saying.