Yes, it takes a bit to initially boot, as does the iPad, but once it’s up, turning it off simply makes it go to sleep and from that it waks up instantly when you push the start button on the right side. For the most part, all I got was loud scratchy noises. Nothing “real,” I should say, because if you search for Android tablets on eBay, you’ll find hundreds of aPads and ePads and others with 7 and 10 inch displays, all mimicking the iPad look, but really representing cheap Chinese hardware running one version of Android or another. No beating around the bush on this one: All of a sudden, tablets are hot, tablets are expected to eat deeply into the netbook market, and everyone scrambles to also offer a tablet, similar to the way the smartphone market scrambled to match or trump the iPhone over the past three years.

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Attempting to do so will simply show the “Starting download You operate it with a stylus, like a PDA, and Android really wants touch.

Augen Gentouch 78 preview

Well, the GenTouch has both, but it still isn’t easy to copy things to and from. The Android Market app provides access to the all-important official Android market.

However, as of this writing in late August ofdespite numerous announcement of imminent iPad competitors, there really gentuch78 any. The problem was always the underlying complexity of the Linux operating system, and the lack of a good user interface. Augen’s biggest problem with the GenTouch is that it looks so much like a little iPad that augenn will invariable pick it up and try to use it like an iPad, swiping, dragging, pinching, which is exactly what it cannot do.


Unpacking the Augen tablet you find none of the elegant minimalist touch gentouch788 Apple packaging where the box itself is jewel-like. We called again the day the raincheck expired and, low and behold, they now had a whole big shipment, like 12 of them.

There are far fewer apps here, but that may change over time.

When we chatted with Augen, we were told that an update should restore access, though they also mentioned they’d be chatting with Google soon about the access. It’s quite auegn that Android was designed for touch, including swipes and slides and pinches and multifinger gestures, and that all works much better with a capacitive digitizer genrouch78 with a resistive one.

Just like some of the early videos indicated, the tablet is made entirely of black plastic. Almost all apps have menus that you bring up by tapping the Menu button. Resistive touchscreen only, sluggish, unresponsive, cheap, etc.

Hard Reset AUGEN Gentouch 78

For another discussion of what’s inside the Augen tablet, check 11H blog. However, considering most Kmart’s have been selling out of these within hours of receiving new inventory, this just may be the answer all you cheap tablet seekers have been looking for — just be prepared to put up with more than a few annoyances along the way.

We’ll be spending a bit more time with the Gentouch 78 to make a final call on its functionality, but it’s crystal clear that this isn’t a high-end device. Opening it up is simple: I had to download the Android SDK agen developer.

Augen Gentouch 78 preview

Either way, resistive is, well, resistive. Their lineup includes an eBook reader similar to the Amazon Kindle, a couple of Android-powered netbooks with 7 and So get used to using it with a stylus. Below you can see what that looks like: In addition, it provides a tantalizing peek at a potential future of tablet computers, a post-Microsoft future where the Android platform may dominate the mobile market.


We don’t need to tell you that we ferociously ripped open the box to finally see how the Android 2.

Still, the Augen tablet is satisfactorily light and it’s easy to hold up to read a website or e-book. Sony winds down with a look at your PS4 gaming history.

This little tablet does an awful lot, and gentokch78 does it better than any of the old Pocket PCs ever did. I also tried QuickOffice, but that one came in a tiny screen format and didn’t work for me.

It’s quick, shows both maps and satellite views, lets you use some overlays, and you can get turn-by-turn directions. There’s a Skype Beta app that lets agen access your account, but since the GenTouch isn’t a phone, it’s mostly usable for chatting.

The footprint of the 7. I also had to figure out that Android has both a home screen with icons on it and a launcher that opens like a drawer and contains all the rest of your app icons. I could easily browse clips and watch them run flawlessly.