The following should appear on the screen,: The Call Waiting function or line noise cause can also cause Phase D errors. If you have renamed the phonebook, it will still have a. Then re-run the test. The best rule of thumb regarding the quality of your sent faxes is if the fax is readable and of acceptable quality, then the modem is doing its job.

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Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer bitwars. If the modem only reports Phase B errors and drops carrier when using Distinctive Ring from within Bitware, please do the following applies to Diamond Voice 56VE modems only:. However, a work-around is as follows: Click Setup – System Messages. The recommendations made on the faxback sheets, such as increasing output level and transmit equalisation, cannot be carried out on fax modems due to Australian telecommunications regulations.

Within Word, under File – Printcheck fwx the printer is set to the one you wish to use as default. Ensure that only Default Mailbox Greeting is checked. To do this, use the following initialisation string when using a terminal program such as Bitcom:.


Join our site today to ask your question. The log is now saved as a text file on your hard disk drive. Click File – Print. Check for noise on the line with your telecommunications carrier, eg.

Computer Associates, the developers of BitWare, maintain a technical support site at http: Try any good electronics store. Right Click Enhancer Portable 3.

Set the CallerID option to formatted. Your phonebook is the file default. Contact your telecommunications carrier, such as Telstra, to have CallerID enabled.

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BitWare receive manager will now display the caller’s number, as will the receive log. Now dial into the modem.

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If there is a problem nitware faxes, set Setup-Transmit-Hardware Speed to Right-click on the tool bar, and select customise. However, there is a solution: If this line does not exist, add it.


INI usually in c: If for some reason you cannot connect, do the following: A few minutes later a result report will be faxed back to the number that is set in your Station ID. Select the BitWare Fax Driver as the printer. If you wish to be thorough, also remove any references to BitWare in the files c: BitWare has been instructed to bigware the long distance code etc. The modem makes a dit-dit-dit-dit The info provided is primarily related to fax machines, rather than fax modems, which differ in that the faxing bitward of machines can be adjusted, while those of modems cannot.

Record your own greeting message over the current Default Mailbox Greeting.

Please refer to the User Manual for your fax software for instructions about how to receive faxes automatically. First, check that the modem does work fine when Distinctive Ring bitwsre disabled from within Bitware.