Get the spca5xx source code First download the current spca5xx source from Michel Xhaard’s homepage and store it in your home directory. After that, webcam soft should be runned: Just starting out and have a question? But as we use a pre-compiled kernel, we have to cheat. I am using motion to capture the images and motion hangs after capturing a few hundreds of images. Originally Posted by osor The first question is:

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The spca5xx driver supports a wider range of cameras, but classifies itselves as experimental. So I suggest, you go there: Thank you very much for debiah advice.

[Elementary OS] How to install spca5xx driver?

The brightness settings are slightly off, is there cebian way to adjust brightness levels of the webcam? I am not able to make it work on feisty. This can be installed by running: The spca5xx driver is included in the Ubuntu kernel and works out of the box in Ubuntu 6.


Links A HowTo in the blog entry http: Find More Posts by JOtis No such file or directory. The spca5xx debizn delivered with Ubuntu Breezy is buggy and needs to be replaced, if you want to use it. Webcam driver Spca5xx-LEWhere!!

Logitech QuickCam Express (USB ID df) on Ubuntu Edgy – Happy coding

The “linux” packages will download the headers of your kernel and the restricted modules from the repositories. No such file or directory. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! I tried this same tutorial on my other computer and it worked perfectly: The gspca driver is included in vanilla kernels since 2. With cheese, I am getting: I am using motion debiab capture the images and motion hangs after capturing a few hundreds of images.

If it does not work, see the Troubleshooting section below. It will be usable as a normal v4l2 device with both capture and stream capabilities. Install them with this command of course, as root or using sudo:.

This command spac5xx install your module in directory, were other kernel modules are placed. If we use sudo this change will be discarded when the execution of the sudo commands ends, i.


Linux video capture interface: By default Breezy installs gcc This will not work here.

It can be something like this: I am very thankful to my friend Igor Chernjavsky for presented webcam — thanks a lot! Compiling the spca5xx source code Workaround to make the Makefile use gcc Thanks for all you help. So, I get pretty the same:.

Logitech QuickCam Express (USB ID 046d:092f) on Ubuntu Edgy

JOtis02, You need to be root or use sudo to modprobe. I tried this using gspca instead of the spca drivers and they seemed to have installed using this technique. If you’re are using a USB hub to connect it, the webcam might not work and might freeze your computer.