Register now We respect your privacy. When the receive buffer is cleared, if this switch is turned on, three bytes of data — 37H, 24H, and 00H? SPACE indicates that the printer is ready to receive data. Changed points in the Rev. Any accumulated ASB status signals left for transmission from the last to the newest ASB status transmission shall be transmitted together at one time as one ASB status showing the presence of change, followed by the latest ASB status. The delay time depends on the status of the receive buffer.

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In this case, the printer may print the succeeding bit image data as the character data since the printer release to ignore espon after recovering from the error state.

Epson Printer Drivers and Tools

If the data will be written in the NV memory which are already written with the same data, the data saving process is not executed. Effective only in the serial interface model. Note, however, that the last received command is effective.

The contents of the macro can be defined up to bytes. Set a corresponding bit to 1 to print a dot or to 0 not to print a dot.


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A built-in serial interface RS Refer to Section 5. An attempt to transmit data with either nAck or Busy, signal, ignored can cause lost data. Name Name Pin No. na

Therefore, user-defined characters, downloaded bit images, and macros should be defined only after completing this command.

The line spacing can be set independently in standard mode and in page mode. In this case, the maximum of the correction value to backward depends on the setting of the memory switch When the head elements This command sets the next print position to the beginning of the line. GS K is newly added. After printing the bit image, this command sets the print position to the beginning wpson the line and processes the data that follows t5000 normal data. Bit image print is possible.

This command sets the print starting position to the beginning of the line. This signal can be used as the printer reset signal by the setting of the DIP switch.

h500 Approximately 7 A Peak: When using a host that cannot transmit data when the printer is busy: We have established a complete quality management system. Only the lowest bit of n is valid.

Epson M-T500 Series

When the LSB of n is 0, double-strike mode is turned off. The data in the receive buffer is not cleared. The printer returns to standard mode when power is turned on, the printer is reset, or ESC is used.


When either bit 1 is on, the printer selects the paper roll near-end sensor for the paper sensor to stop printing. In standard mode, the vertical direction is the paper feed direction, and the horizontal direction is perpendicular to the paper feed direction. This command performs only definition of an NV bit image and does not perform printing. When the printer stops printing due to a paper-end.

What is the detailed technological specification of your Kiosk printer?

During self-test printing, you can stop the self-test temporarily by pressing this button and restart it by pressing the button again. If counting up reaches a value exceeding the maximum, it is resumed with the minimum value.

The connector on the PS side is recommended to be designed to secured to the case from the upper side or the lower side.