Note that nvidia-xconfig, if necessary, will append a unique number to the EDID filename, to avoid over- writing existing files e. By default, ‘deprecations’ is set. Settings from the X server override OpenGL’s default values, and settings from the environ- ment override values from the X server. If this option is not specified, the first Server Layout in the X configuration file is used. The most recent official version of the source code is available here: When the ‘–separate-x-screens’ option is specified, each GPU on which an X screen is currently configured will be updated to have two or more depending on the capabili- ties of that GPU X screens configured. The category list is organized in a tree:

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This option is useful to see what nvidia-xconfig will do while leaving the original configuration intact.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

Want to link to this manual page? Along the bottom of the nvidia-settings GUI, from left to right, is: Settings from the X server override OpenGL’s default values, and settings from the environ- ment override values from the X server. Typically, if you are using an X.

A target specification is contained within brackets and consists of a target type name, a colon, and the target id.

If there are multiple device sec- tions, then it adds the BusID field to each of them. Command Line Interface 5.

This mode of operation is useful to place in your xinitrc file, for example. You can specify a different configuration file name with the –config command line option. Ensure X server has a read and write access permissions to this file.

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Most options throughout nvidia-settings are applied immediately. This library is typically only used by nvidia-xconfig when configuring multiple X screens. The command line syntax for querying and assigning attributes matches that of the.

TODO There are many things still to be added to nvidia-settings, some of which include: This is useful to limit processing to a subset of targets, based on an existing relationship s to other targets.


This system wide file is typically here: For a list of possible keyboard types, see the ‘–keyboard-list’ option. This option tells nvidia-xcon- fig where to look for this library in case it cannot find it on its own. How OpenGL Interacts with nvidia-settings 3. Note, however, that you will need to have X permissions configured such that you can establish an X connection from the computer on which you are running nvidia-settings stravinsky.

For example, the following query would address GPU 0, and not X screen 1: Set- ting this option will enable YUV 4: If the X screen is not specified, then the assignment is made to all X screens.

FreeBSD Graphics Driver Archive | NVIDIA

Any extracted EDIDs are then written as binary data to individual files. The target type name can be one of screen, gpu, framelock, vcs, gvi, fan, thermalsensor, svp, or dpy; the target id is the index into the list of targets for that target type. There may be cases when you do want attributes in the config file to be qualified with the X Display name.

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Effectively, this option just causes the configuration to be printed to stdout as a tree instead of writing the results to file. See the output of nvidia-settings -q all for information on which target types can be used with which attributes.

Additionally, individual attributes may be specified like this: Org X server, use ‘kdb’; if you are using an XFree86 X server, use ‘keyboard’. X Display Names in the Config File 6.

This type of backup is made by nvidia-xconfig before it modifies an X configuration file that it has not previously touched; this is assumed to be an X configuration file that pre- dates the involvement of the NVIDIA X driver. If feeebsd is the exact location, the ‘use-gtk2’ option is ignored. By default, the “X Server Information” page is displayed.

In the typical home user nvifia where your home directory is local to one computer and you are only configuring one X Display, then it does not matter whether each attribute setting is qualified with an X Display Name.