Hi-Touch actually makes two printers, the PL and PS models as well as heavy-duty printers for professional photo labs. No charge for development and free film, too. In standalone mode you can also edit and enhance your photos as desired. It lets you print an index print of everything on your card in several formats , ID photos, stickers and every image on the card unattended. The idea is to mimic film by providing an inexpensive but write-once medium. There’s also a separate program available on the Web site called Adjustor to adjust printing parameters and save the modifications as a driver default. Prints from the PS are continuous tone, not screened, using dye diffusion thermal transfer photo dye sub at x dpi.

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The Setup option also lets you switch between CompactFlash and SmartMedia readers if you load both bays with cards. Note that only JPEG images can be processed and printed in the standalone mode.

Personal photp sub printers are great for making “jumbo” color prints at home that rival what you get from your local 630pz lab. A Paper Kit Dye sub printing uses a heating element to heat dye impregnated in a ribbon to over degrees, at which point it turns into a gas and migrates into the biti of the specially coated photo paper. In addition to yellow, cyan and magenta dyes, the ribbon contains a clear coating.

Otherwise, this is as clean and simple — and beautiful — as photo printing pinter. If you want to zoom-in and crop, you select resize to magnify the portion desired and then move it to center the new image.


You can alter the brightness, contrast or sharpness as well as change the scaling and then re-center the picture. Environmental Devotion We design and manufacture our own consumables, down to the paper and dye to complete vertical integration of our imaging business. This is the Preview screen, if you check the “Run Preview” box on the first page of the driver then this screen comes up before each picture is printed.

HiTi Hi-touch Imaging Technologies Photo Printer PS | eBay

It’s easy to add a calendar or text anywhere in the image desired. A small LED on the front indicates the power status. And as you can see from this frame, it’s easy to add one of the pre-defined photo borders. Imaging Profession With thinking ahead and innovative product planning, we continue to establish self-owned patents and accredited technology to strengthen our core competitiveness across the commercial and consumer imaging markets.

There are a number of kits available either directly from the company or through your camera dealer. No charge for development and free film, too. Its air-conditioner grill may even be a calming influence.

Using PhotoDesiree is as simple as: Your purchase supports this site and future reviews. We had some old images from the days when a x image was high resolution. Pfinter use the Photo command to select what you want. Clicking on the “Mirabella” button from the Prevew screen will bring up this quick selection window.

HiTi Photo Printer 630PS

It allows you to create personalized calendars, poster and greeting cards. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

You can modify color, brightness, contrast and sharpness either by moving a control bar or inputting a number. Page one of the print driver has options for selecting the media type, setting the orientation, printing 2-inch ID photos, number of copies, enabling the Preview function and optionally adding a visible watermark Magic coating over the picture. And for the odd print that could use some help, phoyo simple built-in image editing see the Enhance command below is often enough to save the day.


These prints are waterproof, smearproof and overcoated to protect them against UV fading too.

HiTi Digital – Hi-Touch Imaging Technology Innovation

When you’ve finished, press Print to batch print the set. Because the cassette is curved, we had a little trouble seating it in the printer. The trouble with getting into digital photography has always been getting prints. All of this is accomplished with easy to follow onscreen menus and prompts, it’s fun and you don’t prijter to spend an hour reading a manual first.

Instead of hard to reach buttons or a fixed-mount LCD screen that requires you to adjust to its angle, the controller can be handheld to suit the user. At home or in the office you connect the PS directly to your PC with the included USB cable and use it like any other color printer. Some images tended to print with contrast and a little dark, but that merely reflects the reduced density range of going to print on any medium.

Per print costs calculated by the cost of ink cartridges and photo paper used to produce an equivalent number of 4″ x 6″ photo prints.