Itron’s Network enables true interoperability and distributed intelligence, delivering business outcomes for utilities and smart cities like never before—and helping to create a more resourceful world. Launch of CF heat calculator for high-end applications, with integrated data logger and tariff manager. All of these opportunities—making our energy and water infrastructure more efficient, more reliable and less wasteful, and making our cities more vibrant, economically viable and sustainable—are within reach once the right technology is applied, in the right places, to approach problems in new ways in the Internet of Things IoT age. Itron is founded by a small group of innovative engineers intent on finding more efficient ways to read meters in Hauser Lake, Idaho. With its launch, Schlumberger becomes the world leader in domestic gas meters.

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Learn more about our energy design, forecasting and research solutions: Make the Case for AMI.

Smart payment gives customers of Gas Natural Fenosa the ability to prepay for natural gas, empowering them to manage their usage according to their budget and needs. Inthese companies are restructured under Schlumberger Industries into specific market segments: Let our comprehensive services offerings drive your success.

Itron acquires Schlumberger Electricity Metering, the industry leader in solid-state electricity metering technology. Whatever you need, Itron has the right mix of technology, services and experience to deliver outstanding results.


Smart Grid + Distribution Management

A secure, smart key prepayment meter, the KBA, is released to market. Flonic water, heat, gas ; Enertec electricity ; and Sereg industrial control and valves.

AMI, Backed by Experience. From dynamic pricing and load control to integrating distributed energy resources, Itron has the technology you need to operate more efficiently and effective than ever.

Flostar, a single-jet, class C residential meter; and Woltex, a class B, Woltmann-type meter with horizontal helix. With Itron Grid Connectivityyou can accurately identify meter-to-transformer and meter-to-phase connectivity, using only hourly voltage data—without the need for cadr hardware or field labor.

Make the most of your resources with smart payment. With its launch, Schlumberger becomes the world leader in domestic gas meters.

Software and experience to assist you in solving your most complex energy and forecast problems. The Gallus meter is made simpler and lighter through automation and miniaturization and rebranded the Gallus Cars utility plans to install an additional 40, meters per year for the next five years.

Itron smart metering and MDM systems pioneered scalable, mass-market dynamic pricing and demand response programs at some of the nation’s largest utilities. With the solution, Gas Natural Fenosa is improving revenue collection and enabling consumers to access natural gas.

Itron Improves Access to Gas with Smart Payment Solution in Mexico

Demand response, distributed energy resource and energy efficiency technologies join to the portfolio. This enables utilities to collect natural gas and electricity data remotely via wireless communication.


Networking, communications, streetlight and distribution automation solutions are added. Now, you can deliver more predictable results and better outcomes than ever before with smart solutions from Itron.

Launch of WaterMind, supervision solution for large water consumers featuring real time alarms and meters optimization. Detect unsafe grid conditions before they become serious safety problems? We are glad to help Gas Natural Fenosa and its customers use natural gas in a more resourceful way. More Than a Cash Register. Meters are a key component of your operations. Two new lines of water meters are introduced: Improve customer service, asset management and revenue assurance for large commercial and industrial consumers.

Itron acquires Silver Spring Networks to drive innovation and growth in the smart grid, smart city and industrial Internet of Things sectors.

Itron, in partnership with Cisco, launch next-generation smart grid platform, delivering on its vision to create a secure, scalable and jtron IPv6-based communications architecture.

View all of Itron’s solutions, products and services for electricity providers. Schlumberger forms the following group of subsidiaries: