Go to the following location for Exalytics documentation: See “Preserving TimesTen data types” for more information. The workaround is to do some other operation on the table in the same session before altering the table. Once the original database is available to the new release of TimesTen Server, you may stop the old release and start the new release, listening on the same port. Refreshes from the Oracle database to the active TimesTen database are working. Steps 2 and 4, stopping and restarting the cache agent, are not applicable for subscriber databases.

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If the TimesTen daemons start at system start time, add the newtask command to the system startup scripts. If you are performing an online upgrade on a single system where a bidirectional replication configuration does not exist, you must ensure that enough memory and disk space are timesteen to support clieng copies of the database where the upgrade is being performed.

BugDB In previous releases, when specifying the -numthreads option with the ttMigrate utility when restoring a database that contained a replication scheme, TimesTen could return a TimesTen error.

Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database

The activedbcachedb and upgradedb databases, for example, can be the same database. This procedure is not tumesten for upgrading from a 7.

Previously, dynamic loads could be done only for queries with equality conditions on all columns in primary keys or on all columns in unique indexes.

BugDB Dropping a read only cache group without first excluding it from an active standby pair replication scheme would cause an assertion failure.

The following table summarizes, in alphabetical order, the environment variables detailed in this section and other parts of this guide. This section tinesten data type considerations, particularly those that are relevant if you are upgrading from a release of TimesTen earlier than 7. For a minor or patch upgrade, it is more typical to use an in-place upgrade or Windows equivalent, as discussed in the preceding section, “In-place upgrades”.


On UNIX systems, timwsten applicable variable is set if you source ttenv. Instead, when moving between patch releases staying within the same major TimesTen releaseyou must perform an uninstallation of TimesTen followed by an installation of the new release. It is possible that character data is lost in the conversion process if no mapping exists from one character set to the other for a given character. The Oracle Server bug applies to Oracle 10 g releases Thus, the batch operation appears to hang.

Please back up this data store manually if necessary, before executing ttCWAdmin -start”. An error was encountered when running the ttXactAdmin -logAnalyze command immediately after either a ttRepAdmin -duplicate operation timestrn replication agent startup.

BugDB A long running transaction could hang when an asynchronous writethrough cache group encounters a unique constraint violation. This may happen during a connect operation to the Client DSN when the shmat system call fails because the application has more open file descriptors than the system-defined per-process file descriptor limit.

Creating an ODBC Client DSN for an Oracle TimesTen Database in Windows

BugDB and An assertion failure could occur for a query that used a subquery with aggregate or rownum. When installed, read and write permissions on TimesTen files and directories is limited to members of the TimesTen users group, unless TimesTen was installed as “world accessible”. The value of this attribute determines which characters may be input to and output from character fields, and how character data is stored and sorted.

Performance for queries involving left outer joins is improved in this release. When upgrading cliient this release, TimesTen does not automatically check for missing constraints on AWT tables created in releases A deadlock error could occur during a dynamic load of a local dynamic cache group that had an aging policy defined on it.


On Solaris, before installation, the following sections enable you to improve the performance of TimesTen on your system. On master1hostuse the ttAdmin utility to stop the replication agent for the active database. TimesTen applications use the odbc. This variable is set by ttenv or, on Windows, during installation if environment variables are registered default.

Oracle TimesTen Media Pack.

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is a memory resident relational database management system that allows applications to access capture or modify information faster than traditional database products. When using Oracle Clusterware, you must execute the new ttCWAdmin -reauthenticate command after modifying any user name or password to enable Oracle Clusterware to store these new user names tikesten passwords.

Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database

For active standby pairs, as applicable, see “Online upgrades for an active standby pair with no cache groups” and “Online upgrades for an active standby pair with cache groups”. For example, to stop replication to the standby master database master2 on host master2host:.

Ad ditional Windows requirements Be aware of the following Windows requirements: Such a plan is possible when the cache group is empty. This software and related documentation are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are protected by intellectual property laws.