Just make the connections. Midi hook up for Yamaha s90es I’ve been beating my brains out trying to do this but nothing works. If I ‘unplug’ it DP will no longer see it on my list of keyboards. How do i hook up a yamaha mo6? If there is not an audio cable connected to your keyboard, that suggests that you are controlling another source of audio a softsynth in Sonar or freestanding in your computer, a synthesizer built in to your sound card etc.

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Send a private message to filosofem. The manual that I read said sub it wasn’t possible. I think you and Slartabartfast are on to something!


Thanks much, Steve Wilkinson G5 dual 2. It works to an extent but not all the notes sound, then some stick, in a way that I wonder if I’m creating some kind of MIDI loop or feedback? Instead, you should still be able to use it via MIDI ports if it provides them and if you have them on your computer interface. Look at it under piano roll view or event list view if you are not sure. Sunny San Ysb Status: Thanks so much for hanging with me with this.

Recent Drivers  TV2000 XP EXPERT DRIVER

Yes you do, I take that as standard and don’t give it a second thought but I’m glad it’s sorted. View More Photo Galleries. MIDI channel 1 Bank: I almost feel like getting rid of this keyboard. The time now is In other words, the USB connection seems to act like an audio interface instead of a MIDI interface, and I’m not able to play and record soft synth plugins to tracks using the keyboard.

Midi hook up for Yamaha s90es you’re not going to believe this but Get Sonar 8 Power – Today! In the last 3 days there were 0 new threads and 0 reply posts. Thanks for the input. You will need to spend more time describing your setup, how things are connected, what programs are open, what tracks are showing what is the input and output of each track etc.

I did find another user on this forum having the same issue playing Finale 09 thru AU, so I tried it with Ivory – same issue. It turns out I had the routing set wrong. In my experience, by the time I have collected the information needed and organized it to form a clear question for the forum, I have already found the answer most of the time.


MIDI question – trying to use a Yamaha S90ES as a MIDI controller

Yakaha, there is no audio cable connected to the keyboard. Yes, it does transmit audio signal. I’ve been beating my brains out trying to do this but nothing works. What happens when you set the device this way?

I tried toggling MIDI thru several times before trying this forum. What it’s NOT doing right now is responding to soft synths, and I’m sure it’s because I don’t have something configured right somewhere.


Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Still have audio over the USB cable If I ‘unplug’ it DP will no longer see it on my list of keyboards. My Yamaha S90es is set to the following: Check the Sonar midi track for midi events.

If not, it won’t work through USB. Is there an audio cable connected to your keyboard at all?

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